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Digital memory for communities and countries.


How protecting infrastructure values
for days after tomorrow?

How to plan sustainability


Video: Collaboration in mapping can be done very easy on every platform and with mobile devices (Show on youtube)

 Applied Green Tech


Video: Recycling asphalt - the "Black gold" for any partial damage on asphalt roads. Including Biochar for effective CO2 reduction. (Show on youtube)

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High GPS/GNSS-accuracy with low cost devices

Real-time collaborative mobil mapping platform in the cloud for any GIS geographical data

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Formation: Step by step

Formation program:
Basic workshop with three sections

1. Easy learning how
to collect mobile.

2. How to ad new data.

3. How to manage data
from the field in the
Cloud-based Desktop GIS.

All lessons as online-training-tutorials
in your language possible!
Practical workshops at your place.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a framework for collecting, managing and analyzing data - such as spatial locations. With the InfraTrace®-Mapping-Tool spatial data get combined with relevant condition-data of concerned infrastructure objects.

Conditions of streets, buildings, walls, pipes, bridges and others gets entered by our staff and/or professionals into tailor made formulars (most comparable to a technical survey).

The part of analyzing all collected facts & figures is up to professionals of the concerned area of expertise. They might be part of your internal staffcrew or external consulting offices. Which leads finally to the important step of evaluation.

Local governments, City Councils, Board of Directors and Executives of all levels are now enabled to plan and decide based on reliable data.

Digital or printed maps show the relevant decision-makers at one glance the priority-scale of remidial measures of streets, buildings, walls of waters/shafts/trenches, bridges, pipes or even nature treasures.


Building the digital memory for future generations!

With our Mobile-Tracing-System all images, videos, documents, audio comments and other data appears in real-time on a digital map (platform in the secure cloud). Authorized persons is given access at any time and place.


To support your community, your city, your company in protecting assets by delivering valuable information is the first step towards an intact infrastructure for upcoming generations.

Easy start for beginners:

Contact us for more information about our formation program for beginners.
Many steps can be done with our online-video-tutorials:


++41 (0)33 221 88 22

Part of our work is consulting in the field of road lifetime. Instead of a new road, most existing roads can be maintained with fast, simple and unexpensive solutions: Recycling asphalt has a high potential .

Millions of tons of asphalt goes every year into the waste. An other part is used for basic layers in road construction. What a wastage!
Recycling asphalt is a very valuable material for any kind of road maintenance. We made tests with up to 50% recycling in repair for potholes.
1. sample with 40% recycling asphalt and cold bitumen emulsion
2. sample with 50% rc-asphalt and cold emulsion based crack filler
3. potholes with rc-asphalt
4. border cracks with rc-asphalt

May 2021 BREAKING NEWS: Last samples done with 100% recycling-asphalt shows the same, stable behavior. Now, we work only with 100% rc-asphalt, cement, bitumen emulsion and water. Simple, fast, durable and inexpensive! As part of an effective CO2 reduction, we use Biochar filler. Biochar shows an excellent behavior in the cold Bitumen emulsion mix.

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Workshop: Application of cold based bitumen emulsion

Handling damages in asphalt roads to save the asphalt layers against water!